Limited Time Deal: 3 Sessions for $240

Pilates Studio 1007 is a Santa Monica-based private studio that offers one-on-one instruction only. We do not offer group classes.  We focus on looking at the body in front of us to see imbalances and work on correcting them. 


For a limited time only, we're offering a deal where you get 3 sessions for $240. This deal will not last long, so contact us today to claim your spot! 

Meet Our Newest Instructor


Geoffrey Rhue


Certified as an instructor by Romana Krysanowska in 1998, Geoffrey became a devotee of the method after injuries ended his career as a professional dancer. With over 20 years of experience as a Pilates instructor, specializing in injury prevention and rehabilitation, Geoffrey has taught in a myriad of studios throughout greater Los Angeles.


Geoffrey has extensive and practiced knowledge of movement and the kinetic chains, which enhances his understanding of the Pilates philosophy, allowing him to preserve the best of Joseph Pilates method with every client. In addition, Geoffrey has extensive experience as a personal trainer and fitness instructor, with adults and youth alike.


Geoffrey graduated, with honors, from the National Holistic Institute, with a specialty in Advanced Myofascial Neuromuscular (Trigger Point) Pain Therapy. This background complements his work with clients so he can support them in the prevention and treatment of injuries. It can also inform decisions on how to best help clients reach their health and fitness goals.

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